In the past week or so I’ve seen a number of articles and media that I’ve particularly enjoyed, so I thought I’d share them with you here.


Coldplay and Lorde both released some really enjoyable singles over the past week. Coldplay’s is from their EP from 2015’s album A Head Full of Dreams coming out this summer and Lordes’ from her upcoming album Melodrama, her first releases since her 2013 debut album.

Hypnotised by Coldplay. Indeed a very hypnotic song, and a blend of their older and newer styles. I actually wasn’t a huge fan at first listen, but have it stuck in my head since.

Green Light by Lorde. Despite not relating to her music that much, I find it very enjoyable, and the piano bridge in this one is particularly irresistible.

Liability by Lorde. A much different tone than Green Light, somber and a littleself-pitying, but good as well and with a different message than many of her other songs.


I was thrilled when the Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild came out last Friday (I had both preordered) and Zelda Universe discusses what innovations in the game make it work so well and the more or less universal praise surrounding it.

I’d put Logan as one of my top 3 movies I’ve seen in the past 12 months (along with Arrival and Captain Fantastic) and this review gives a great overview of Wolverine’s moving and brutal final outing.

A few articles

The life and legacy of recently-deceased materials scientist and presidential medal of freedom recipient Mildred Dresselhaus is discussed by her granddaughter. She was also honored in some distinctly 2017 ways, including a starring role in a GE ad first aired during Saturday Night Live and as part of a Women of Science emoji set.

Confessions of a Cold Woman by Elizabeth Spiers is a quality portrait of Hillary Clinton and look into the psyche of us women who, as she describes it “could wear a dress made of Alka Seltzer in a swimming pool and no one would describe [them] as ‘effervescent.'”

The story of Judy, an English Pointer dog and very brave WWII POW definitely did not make me cry.

You’ve probably seen Friar Mustache already, but I’d be remiss to not include the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet this week.

Recent study has uncovered that a popular Felix Mendelssohn piece, the Easter Sonatas, were like actually written by his sister, Fanny.

Finally, a huge pitch for The Adventure Zone – a fantasy storytelling podcast starring the McElroy brothers of MBMBAM comedy podcast fame (and their awesome dad, Clint). The story is played as a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but even if you aren’t into D&D I highly recommend it for it’s great storytelling, irreverent humor, and kickass soundtrack. The first story series is about to end and boy is it tense and crazy right now! There’s about 57 episodes to catch up on at this point, but I can’t recommend it enough.





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