Vegan Banana Bread Protein Shake

67441_10207819247180400_8810878105833389945_nThose who know me in real life know I’ve been having some pretty bad TMJ problems, which have forced me to adapt my eating habits quite a bit. Fortunately I’ve found things to eat without chewing much that I do like, and this is one of them.

I’m very skeptical of recipes that claim to taste “just like ____!” when the recipe is for something healthy-ish and the “_____” is some sort of dessert. But this shake legitimately tastes about as close to banana bread as you can get without it actually being banana bread.

I’ve made this three different ways now – the first was with a room-temperature banana and no walnuts, the second was with a room temperature banana and walnuts, and the third was with a frozen banana and walnuts. I’d say the walnuts are very important because they’re what really makes it taste like banana bread, while having the banana frozen is great if you really want a milkshake-like consistency but not as necessary for the flavor to be right.

This recipe is very filling, so if you are looking for more of a snack and less of a meal replacement, you could try halving it, sharing it, or putting it in the fridge for later.


Half a scoop viva vanilla Vega protein smoothie powder

1 cup almond milk

1 banana (frozen, if you want a milkshake-like consistency)

Spoonful of almond butter

Handful of walnuts


Measure ingredients, blend to combine.


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