Western Caribbean Cruise – Days 7-8

Last day of our cruise. Seas were rougher once we were back in the Gulf of Mexico. We went for a swim in the Terrace Pool and it felt more like a wave pool! A warmed up in the hot tub and heard the wind whistling loudly overhead. A little later in the morning, crews starting pulling nets over all the pools to keep people from swimming.


At 10, we went to a cooking demo in the theater with the head chef and maitre’d. They cooked a 4-course meal on stage and playfully bickered/cracked lots of the jokes. While pouring a large amount of heavy cream into a dessert, the head chef said: “this is why you come on as passengers, but leave as cargo!” Afterwards, we were able to tour the galley which is so huge!


There was a British pub lunch at the Crown Grill restaurant, so we were able to get a little (and free) taste of one of the specialty dining venues. I had fish and chips and Thad had bangers and mash.

After lunch we went to an ice carving demo, where the carver made an angel.


After some relaxing, we realized we hadn’t played mini golf yet – so we headed up to the little putting green on the top of the ship. Of course, we picked the windiest day of the cruise to do this. Sometimes the wind rolled the ball around, and a few times we were even staggered back by a few large gusts.


I convinced Thad to go for one more dinner in the main dining room, and we ended up getting our own table, which was nice after several days of meeting new people every day at dinner. I got watermelon with feta, cold pumpkin soup, strip steak, and apple pie. Thad got fettuccine, seafood bisque, steak, and Baked Alaska. The staff did a procession with all the baked Alaskas – parading the flaming desserts through the dining room to the Macarena. Hector, the amazing host/singer from the staff talent show also stopped by to sing two songs including “I can’t help falling in love with you.


Later on in the evening, we went to the passenger talent show and discovered that our fellow passengers were not the most talented bunch!

Returning Home

Time to go home. We had one last breakfast on the back of the ship, and I ate several “last pastries.” Disembarkation was very smooth, and the customs agent wished me a happy birthday. Really not much to say about our return, except we caught a beautiful view of Downtown from the plane right before sunset. It was an amazing trip, but it was also great to come home again.



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