Western Caribbean Cruise – Day 6

Cozumel – our last port of call. The ship docked at 7am, so we ordered room service so we didn’t have to get up too early before joining our group at 8:50.


Cozumel was a very nice port, with a short pier, lots of shops and restaurants, and a pretty fountain in the center.


We were originally signed up for an ATV excursion, but with the jaw problems I’ve been having, we decided to go with something more laid back and ended up on a wine and chocolate pairing experience. It was awesome! We took a taxi bus with the group to a local beach club called Stingray City where we were greeted with white chocolate martinis and escorted into a (slightly excessively) air conditioned room overlooking the ocean to learn about the history of chocolate and how the Mayans harvested and made it. 

Then we got to make our own chocolate bar by grinding cocoa beans, adding sugar, grinding it again, and adding vanilla and forming it. Ours was just barely edible, but fun to make nevertheless.

Then it was time for the tasting! First we tried a white wine paired with a coconut white chocolate and a milk chocolate. Then we tried a red wine with a hazelnut milk/dark chocolate, a cactus chocolate, a chili pepper chocolate, a coffee one, and finally and a very dark chocolate. We learned that the louder the sound the chocolate makes when you snap it, the more cocoa it contains, and we also learned how to swirl our wine and when to taste it with the chocolate in our mouth to enjoy the flavors.

Then we tasted two local honeys, one with cocoa beans in it. As if all that delicious food wasn’t enough, we also had a small portion of enchilada with an amazing mole sauce on it, along with a Mexican milk, cocoa, and cinnamon drink.

Afterwards, we opted to stay at the beach club to relax, get lunch, and catch up on some wifi. I relaxed in a hammock and we also saw their iguanas, stingrays, and a parrot who squawked at Thad.

Back on the boat, we relaxed a bit before dressing up for the last formal night. Thad had escargot, tomato soup, tropical beef, and a pistachio “chocolate journey” that was a dome of chocolate filled with pistachio filling and chopped pistachios.


I had Thai street wraps, cold apple and goat cheese soup, and fettuccine again. Ended the evening with Movies Under the Stars. The film was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which I really enjoyed.



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