Western Caribbean Cruise Day 2

Today was our first full day on the boat and boy were we busy! We started off with some time at the gym (Thad) and the sauna (me). Then we went back to the room to change and off to the main dining room for breakfast. We sat with two couples, the husband of one who was from Pittsburgh. I always meet people from Pittsburgh whenever I travel. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the meeting new people at meals that comes with cruising, but it was actually a pretty enjoyable part of the cruise. I had another embarrassing moment at breakfast, which I didn’t realize was a multi-course affair. I ordered fruit, a pastry, yogurt, and hashbrowns. They seemed a bit skeptical when I just ordered hashbrowns and it turns out because that was the “main course” of breakfast, so I was served a large plate with two hashbrown patties on it. Doing dumb things on this cruise was apparently a theme.

The water was fairly rough this day. No seasickness, but sometimes you would be walking and suddenly were walking in a slightly altered direction or velocity. In the morning we checked out a fruit carving demonstration where he carved a face and a gecko out of watermelon and a parrot out of white radish. Had lunch at the buffet, played some Ascension and watched a cocktail making competition before enjoying some drinks and fruit back by the Terrace pool, watching the wake of the ship unwind behind us. The water was a striking shade of navy, reminding me of a line from Homer’s Odyssey “across the wine-blue sea.”

The Terrace Pool – our favorite!


Then we got ready for our first formal night! We lucked out an got a table for two. I had risotto cakes, blueberry mojito sorbet, beef medallions, and cheesecake. Thad had Caesar salad, also the sorbet, salmon and a delicious wine-poached pear.

We got our portraits taken – the photographers all use weird, really out of date poses – saw the champagne waterfall, and went to the marriage game show. Apparently sometime during the game show we crossed over into the Caribbean because when we went up on deck afterwards it was suddenly warm and balmy!



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