Western Caribbean Cruise Day 1

Thad and I were lucky enough to get to go on a Caribbean cruise with Princess last week aboard the Caribbean Princess. We departed from Houston and made stops in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya(Mahahual) Mexico, and Cozumel Mexico. It was an amazing week and I wanted to post some highlights from my travel journal and some of the photos we took. Although honestly we were too busy relaxing most of the time to take many!

We flew into Houston the day before the cruise and stayed at the Holiday Inn Houston Hobby Airport. The area is not very nice and there isn’t much to do nearby (not the hotel’s fault) and I think there was mold in our room? but the staff was very nice, the shuttle to the airport super convenient (less than 10 minutes away) and their french toast at breakfast the best I’ve ever had.

Embarkation day: I noticed this day and it was a continuing theme throughout the trip. Anytime I saw a long line and thought that something would take a while, I was through the line within minutes. Princess is nothing if not very efficient!

We quickly boarded and went to our room, which turned out to be a really nice place to relax during parts of our trip. The bed, pillows, and blankets were all insanely comfortable and the room was both lighter and bigger than I expected for an inside cabin.

After getting settled in we got lunch from the Horizon Court buffet, including delicious fried scallops. I didn’t realize how extensive the service on the ship was, so after lunch I was putting my dishes on a sideboard, scraping off the food, etc, until a lady rushed over saying, “oh thank you, thank you!” That’s when I realized they pretty much do everything for you on board.

The Movie Under the Stars for the night was Jurassic World, although I missed the beginning of it because I went to the spa raffle. The spa looked like it had great (albeit expensive) services, but it also promoted a lot of pseudoscientific lunacy, which was annoying. I was hoping to win a pass to the thermal suite but did not. The locker rooms had a steam room and sauna, but the steam room broke two days into the cruise and they never fixed it. If you like pampering and don’t mind paying $150-200 for a massage, you would probably enjoy it.

After the movie we stood by the terrace pool on the back of the ship and gazed back at the Texas shoreline, glittering in the dark like a diamond bracelet of a dozen colors. We felt very lucky to be together on this beautiful ship and looked forward to the rest of our vacation together.



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