4th of July Weekend

We really enjoyed our long weekend for the holiday and got some time to celebrate our anniversary and spend time with my family.

Friday morning we went to the park to take a walk/coo over all the dogs and ran some errands. In the afternoon we checked out Kniess Miniature Golf in the North Hills. I learned, as I write this, that at 86 years old, it is one of the oldest miniature golf courses in the country. It was very different than most mini golf places we visited and I would highly recommend it, if for no other reason than experiencing some of the fun novelty holes like the Ferris wheel that your ball rides on or the giant roulette wheel.


For dinner we went to Sienna Mercato downtown. Sienna Mercato is a three-story establishment, each floor of which is a separate restaurant. The first floor, Emporio, is a meatball joint and my favorite stop of the evening. The spicy pork meatball was delicious! Next, we went to Il Tetto, the rooftop biergarten for drinks. The menu on their website was not up to date, as one of the house cocktails they had listed was no longer on the menu and the bartender hadn’t even heard of it, so I was disappointed. The atmosphere was great, though, and we enjoyed watching people walk by on Penn Ave. Our final stop was to Mezzo for pizza. While all the staff at Sienna Mercato was polite and the service very quick, our waitress at Mezzo was especially great and really took time to explain the menu to us. The pizza was good, although too salty for me to love it but the decor and atmosphere was very nice and we wished that we had more of an appetite to try more off the menu. We were brought two honey ginger cookies with our check and they were amazing! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to all  three at once, on account of getting full and parting with a decent amount of money, but it was a fun experience.


Saturday we went to my parents to celebrate the 4th of July and celebrate Thad’s birthday. I always make Thad a cake for his birthday. This year I strayed from my usual nerdy-themed & decorated cakes to try out Southern Living’s Triple Decker Strawberry Cake from their dessert cookbook that my grandma had given me. It was easy to make and looked terrific. Was too sweet for me but folks enjoyed it and it was a fun change of pace.


We also played some tennis and set off fireworks. I prefer to stay away from flammable explosives, but I did try a few sparklers.




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