25 facts about the blogger

On Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana
On Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana

So I missed it by about two weeks, thanks to the busy season at work, but on the occasion of my 25th birthday and seeing that I don’t always say that much about myself on my own blog, I thought I’d share 25 odd or interesting facts about myself.

  1. My childhood career ambition was to be a tornado chaser. I would watch VHS tapes (because this was the 90s) of tornado facts and footage. I’d still like to go on one of those tornado chasing vacations some day. (If someone wants to pay me to go, I will write you interesting articles!)
  2. Despite this, a personality/aptitude test I took in high school listed “Medical illustrator” as the only career suggestion.
  3. The first alcoholic drink I ever tasted was fermented horse milk in Mongolia when was I 12. A very effective anti-underage-drinking lesson on my parents’ part?
  4. I’m an only child, and I grew up with my parents and a Bichon Frise named Popcorn and a Black Lab/Dalmatian named Paddy.
  5. The classic video game hero, Mario, was my first crush.
  6. The coolest thing I’ve ever done was climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge with my dad when I was 14
  7. I rode horses for six years and was an encyclopedic source of equine information throughout my adolescence. The experiences and knowledge = very fond memories. The oversized horse t-shirts I wore pretty much all the time, not so much.
  8. My now-husband caught my attention in high school by playing Nintendo theme songs on the piano for me. It’s been a fun and nerdy romance ever since!
  9. I have a scar on my forehead from falling out of a big purple laundry bucket as a toddler
  10. I have an irrational fear of bees.
  11. One of my favorite places to eat is Taco Bell. And the amazing Chinese place around the corner from our house.
  12. I watched all nine seasons of the X-Files during the second semester of my junior year of college.
  13. I wore Converses to my wedding, surprising no one
  14. I’ve taken an eclectic career path so far, including several months working at a binder factory, a year or so as a medical records clerk, a few months as a copywriter for a major retailer, and an internship with an industrial trade publication.
  15. I’ve somehow gotten a reputation among my friends as a cook, but then I again when I look at my Instagram, it’s mostly things Thad and I have made, so I guess I understand why.
  16. I ate my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I was 18 – I’ve never liked jelly and my go-to sandwich growing up was ketchup and butter.
  17. I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy 10 times in high school
  18. I find it silly when people give me nicknames, but somehow, I always have someone in my life that calls me “Kirbster.”
  19. My most treasured possession is my engagement ring, because it belonged to my grandma
  20. Christian singer Bob Bennett once wrote a song for me and my stuffed dog, Wally
  21. One of my proudest accomplishments was the drawings and paintings I made in an art class my final semester of college. I’ve never been very good at drawing, but I overcame my self-consciousness about it to take a group class and ended up learning a lot.
  22. I used to carry a stuffed animal named John the Horse with me everywhere I went
  23. I’m exactly a foot shorter than my husband
  24. The first story I ever wrote was called “Ruuuuun!” and it recounted the tale of a dog that chased my mom and I while we were out walking.
  25. My one big goal is life is to travel to Antarctica, so I’ll have been to all 7 continents.

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