Quick Guardians of the Galaxy Confession + Rundown


Last Sunday Thad and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, despite my protests for months that it looked dumb. After hearing from several friends that it was really funny and getting totally hooked on “Hooked on a Feeling,” I surrendered to the growing tide of “reasons I might actually want to see this” and told Thad I’d go with him. In the end, I enjoyed myself and actually found it to be a bit of a mixed bag in unexpected ways – namely, most of the parts I thought I’d hate, I liked and several parts I thought might be interesting didn’t really catch my attention.

What I thought I’d think vs. what I actually thought

Rocket is literally the most ridiculous // Rocky Raccoon was hilarious and also personally relatable

I hate Chris Pratt // Chris Pratt seems like a sweetheart irl and is definitely more likeable when he’s using his great comedic timing to play someone besides super-annoying Andy from Parks and Rec

Groot? Wtf? // Groot!! Who knew Vin Diesel could play such a good tree?

Drax = did not even know he was in the movie // Drax is a pretty cool guy, reminds me a little of Thor

Nebula yay! // Eh, Nebula was not that exciting, despite me loving Karen Gillan.

Well, I guess the story sounds interesting? // The story’s not that unique/totally clear, but I like these characters, so whatever

The music is awesome // The music is awesome

I’m really late on this review in terms of when I saw the movie and in terms of actually writing about it, so I’ll just leave you with these quick thoughts. If you haven’t seen it but like fun-but-not-super-serious adventure stories, then it’s definitely your movie. If not, you still, like me, may be won over by its cast of enjoyable and well-acted ruffians. 


4 thoughts on “Quick Guardians of the Galaxy Confession + Rundown

  1. Michael says:

    Whew! I’m glad to see somebody else wasn’t interested in it, saw it, and thought it had its moments, but it wasn’t spectacular. Thanks for posting!

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