What’s Cooking (vol 3) Great Citrus Desserts

I’m cheating and using a photo from the last time I made the Key Lime Poke Cake

Since this past weekend was Easter, it was the perfect time to get to see family and to brush up on some dessert making. Friday night we had dinner with Thad’s family and then Sunday morning we went to church with my grandparents and then to dinner at my parents. It was great weather and thanks to the long weekend, we also had some extra time to walk around the park and go watch the Penguins game at the Fox and Hound (hockey’s fun, but I enjoyed my Moscow Mule and onion rings even more!)

The combination of my sweet tooth and love for Pinterest means I always have desserts I want to make, so I volunteered to bring dessert to both family dinners. Since it was Easter, the sun was out, the birds were singing, citrus desserts seemed like the perfect fit.

On Friday, Thad and I teamed up to try an ambitious new dessert, Lemon Chiffon Gingersnap Pie from the Williams-Sonoma blog. It was a little bit of work, but with the two of us it was definitely manageable and the results were very tasty! I’d never made a crust before or worked with gelatin (besides making jello) so I was pleased with the results. The sweet and slightly creamy flavor of the pie contrasted nicely with the sharp spicyness of the gingersnap crust and both were enjoyed by all (I think). Plus, I enjoyed having a spare orange and leftover gingersnaps to snack on. If you’ve got some time on your hands or have a sous-chef who will do nice things for you like grate orange peels, give it a whirl!

Our second dessert was supposedly much simpler but unfortunately didn’t turn out quite as well. Fortunately the issues were all cosmetic and it was still delicious! I had made Betty Crocker’s Key Lime Poke Cake for father’s day several years ago and my family loved it, so it seemed like it was time to make it again. The white cake keeps it light, the key lime filling is tart and tastes great, and whipped vanilla frosting adds sweetness to balance out the tart filling. Top it with strawberries and some lime zest and you’ve got a winner. Our issue came with making the filling too soon and allowing it to solidify. This prevented it from going down in the holes, so I ended up making a marbling effect with the icing and filling. Not nearly as pretty but still a super-good cake.

If you want to see my most successful recipes, check out my “Winterest” board on Pinterest, or just follow me to see everything I pin.


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