Captain America Winter Soldier Spoiler-Free Review


Since I was busy at Tekko last weekend, Thad very kindly agreed to hold off on going to see the new Captain America movie without me. Yesterday afternoon we went down to the Waterfront though for the matinee and for a late lunch. I’m not in the mood for writing a deep, all-encompassing review of the plot, plus I want people who haven’t seen it yet to still be able to read this, so I’m classifying this as spoiler-free.

 The Winter Solider was a more serious movie than I was expecting. It’s definitely a change of pace from previous Marvel installments like Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and even The Avengers, which were all more comic-booky and full of memorable one liners. The Winter Solider is more like an adventure/spy film but with a Marvel twist. I didn’t mind and thought it was done well, but that was a pretty big area where it differed from my expectations. (The movie isn’t without some great funny moments, though!)

 The action sequences were very creative and were my favorite part of the movie. I often get bored during long action scenes because, I mean, how many explosions can you put in a row before it all just runs together? The sequences are creatively-done, however, and the car chases in particular were action-packed but also full of variety.

 In addition to the well-done action, I also enjoyed the interplay between all the characters. It was great to see the Captain get more screen time and I appreciated him more after seeing his character progress through the plot. He seems like a much different character than in the first movie, in fact, as I was writing this, I temporarily forget there was a first movie. I loved Black Widow/Natasha getting the screen time she deserved and the dynamics of her and Steve’s friendship were believable and enjoyable. Sam was a great addition to the cast and getting to know Nick Fury a little better was also nice.

With good pacing, somewhat fleshed-out characters, great action, and some fun tech, The Winter Solider was another solid Marvel movie. It didn’t do more than it needed to, but certainly wasn’t disappointing.


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