Lazy Link Roundup

I don’t have anything of my own for you today, but fortunately some other great writers have been hard at work when I have not! (Actually I have been hard at work, but doing offline things.) Anyways- enjoy.

Sunset Swamp, a poem by John Ebersole.

“And rags and all manner of rotted ephemera That here lose the voltage of meaning—”

While I don’t always agree with her 100% (I may be a bit more judgmental!), Captain Awkward is one of the most caring and comprehensive advice writers I’ve seen.This column in particular highlights her ability to say tough truths while giving encouragement as well. I also think it’s advice that could benefit many people besides just the letter writer.

 Saying “I love you” when you hang up the phone, not being interested in dating anyone else, being regretful, missing the other person a lot, liking someone more than you’ve ever liked anyone else, honestly loving someone and really wanting it to work out are all reasons to be sad about the way this is ending. You’re throwing them out there, as signs, as evidence, like we’re proving a geometry theorem, but they aren’t proof. There is no substitute for “I. Choose. You.” 

Real Artists Have Day Jobs

“Real artists have day jobs, and night jobs, and afternoon jobs. Real artists make things other than art, and then they make time to make art because art is screaming to get out from inside them. Screaming, or begging, or gently whispering.

Don’t ever let them tell you you’re not a success. Don’t ever let them tell you you’re not good enough. Don’t ever let them tell you you’re not the real deal.

More importantly: don’t ever tell yourself any of these things.”

10 Things Real People Do Every Day

Tired of not stacking up to lists written by type-A “success experts?” Read this post by Micah J. Murray and be encouraged by the common activities that characterize the (normal) human condition.

“7. Promise yourself that you’re totally going to fold the laundry and wash the dishes tomorrow. 

Right now I’m really tired and need to rest up, but tomorrow morning I’ll be in the mood to clean this house like a modern-day Mary Poppins. I just know it!’

Time to let my geek flag fly a little bit and bring you this great Skyrim Amulet of Mara proposal. If you remember back to my Valentine’s Day Geek Gift Guide, I mentioned that this would be a great way to do a proposal, and sure enough, someone did!

Ghosts, Self-Made Man #29 from the Rumpus’ Thomas Page McBee

I may not be that interested in men writing about heartbreak (sorry!) but this piece has a way of sticking with you with its turns of phrase and the pigeon metaphor that reappears several times.

“We choose our hauntings…I let you whisper through my mind until I find my tenderness, until you are more human than haunting—and then I let you go.”

Have you read anything recently that really caught your attention? Share it with me in the comments!


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