Taco Bell Breakfast!


We had a small catastrophe over the weekend. Okay, I had a small catastrophe over the weekend. Being a longtime lover of both Taco Bell and breakfast, Taco Bell Breakfast was probably one of the most exciting things to happen in the past month. However, a month or so ago they ripped apart the outside of the Taco Bell near us. No problem, there’s another one a little further up the road! So Saturday, we arrived bright and early (well, 9am) only to find that the store doesn’t serve breakfast, or even open until 10:30. (The one time I don’t overplan something, look what happens.) So, with no breakfast-serving Taco Bells within 20 minutes of us, we had to put it off. This morning,though, I drove Thad to work and we made a detour past the one in the city for our long awaited breakfast. By this point, I figured I was over-hyping it and that I wouldn’t really be worth the fuss. I was wrong.

Since I was the mastermind behind this excursion, I suggested that Thad get the Waffle Taco combo while I got the AM Crunchwrap combo, each of which comes with a drink and either a hashbrown or two Cinnabon Delights. My Crunchwrap was definitely one of the top breakfast experiences I’ve had, with a really great mix of textures and flavors. The grilled outside shell is filled with a crispy hashbrown, fluffy scrambled eggs, and a nice chewy sausage patty, as well as cheese and the tangy, slightly spicy quesadilla sauce, which is my favorite Taco Bell sauce. It’s also portable and not very messy to eat, which would make it a good breakfast to eat at your desk.

My delicious and portable AM Crunchwrap

I only had a bite of the waffle taco, but the waffle seemed nice and sweet and the eggs were the same good eggs that were in the Crunchwrap. Not as good as Thad’s scrambled eggs, which are always fabulous, but definitely better than most other fast food or cafeteria eggs I’ve had. I’m not the biggest fan of sweet and savory all mixed together, so I think the Crunchwrap was the good choice for me, but if you enjoy that, you will like the Waffle Taco. The Waffle Taco seemed significantly more messy than the Crunchwrap, so enjoy it with a napkin on hand.

And the Waffle Taco

Finally, the Cinnabon Delights were freshly fried, dusted with cinnamon sugar, and filled warm and gooey icing. The two that came with the combo were a good amount because they were pretty decadent. I also enjoyed my orange juice and appreciated that it came in a bottle, allowing for easy transport in a purse or in takeout bag.

I had high hopes for our breakfast at Taco Bell and was not disappointed! If you want to check it out, just visit Taco Bell’s website to see if the stores nearest you are doing it and when they open. 


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