What’s Cooking (vol 2) Quinoa Edition

I finally picked up some quinoa on a trip to Sam’s Club and was excited to try some recipes with it, as I always enjoyed the quinoa dishes my mom has made. So here’s four recent quinoa recipes we’ve tried out!


1. Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake from Two Peas and their Pod

This was my favorite of the quinoa recipes we’ve tried recently – it has a great variety of flavors and is really satisfying!

Photographic evidence that it tastes great on nachos!

The corn and lime juice really add a nice extra layer of sweetness to it which contrasts the zip from the enchilada sauce. The only adjustment I made were to substitute a can of kidney beans for one of the cans of black beans. This tasted really good scooped onto some nachos, and I feel like if you halved the recipe, it would be a great and healthy addition to an appetizer-themed party or a tailgate.


2. Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole from A Pinch of Yum

We also really enjoyed this casserole, particularly because it’s the perfect stick-to-your-ribs kind of dinner for this nasty cold weather that won’t go away. The sauce is pretty simple to make and came together nicely (I sometimes have trouble getting sauces to turn out well,

Chicken + cheese + quinoa + broccoli = yum

but this one did.) Our only disappointment was that it seemed somewhat lacking in the cheese department – I’ll probably put twice as much cheese in next time we make it.


3. Quinoa Chili from Cooking Classy

I accidentally made this the week after the enchilada bake when it has most of the same ingredients but it was still good and not too complicated to make. It wasn’t quite as filling as the enchilada bake but we liked it and thought the cocoa powder and diced green chiles added an interesting extra dimension to it.


4. Easy Quinoa Fried Rice from Feed me Phoebe

We made this last week and it was fun to cook and a definite change of pace for us. We liked it at dinner time, but by the time it was bedtime, I had brushed my teeth, and I could still taste it, I was a bit annoyed. If I make it again, I may cut back a little on the amount of ginger and maybe the shallots? Also, it was also good when hot and fresh but not the best as leftovers, just as a warning.


If you want to see what I’m making or might be making, check out my “Winterest” board on Pinterest, or just follow me to see everything.


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