If Pinterest Post Titles Were Honest

Now, don’t get me totally wrong – I love Pinterest. It gets me trying all kinds of different recipes, has inspiring travel photos, DIY tips, and gives me ideas for the occasional craft project. But Pinterest also drives me crazy. Whether it’s the people pinning “facts” without googling them, the stuff sets women back about 20 years, or the “your healthy alternative is never healthy enough” mentality, it also can get on my nerves. So here’s a few satirical headlines that I think would be more honest alternatives to some of the ones I’ve seen.  

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Personality Totally Subservient to Your Husband

How to Throw a Great Gender Reveal Party that Literally No one Invited Gives a Crap About

Great Recipes for Making Homemade Baby Snacks that Make you Better than the other Moms in your Playgroup

How I Feed my Family of 9 on $200 a Month Because for Whatever Reason I Don’t Believe in Contraception

Why If You Eat Processed Snacks, You are Literally Satan

31 Reasons my Wedding was Better than Yours (Hint: Think Hand- Decorated Artisanal Mason Jars)

I’m Going to Lie and Say This Smoothie Made with Kale Tastes like a Snickers Bar Because it will Get My Blog Pageviews

20 Snacks Under 200 Calories (Because Precisely Measuring a Teaspoon of Nut Butter Onto Half a Slice of Bread In No Way Sounds Like Disordered Eating)

Here’s Some Great “Life Hacks” that are Actually Ethically Questionable

14 Inspiring Literary Quotes That are Misattributed or Taken Out of Context


I fully admit that I used hand-decorated mason jars at my wedding, so obviously I write this mostly in jest.


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