Bossy Pants

Tina Fey with her memoir, Bossy Pants
Tina Fey with her memoir, Bossy Pants

The last of the three books I got with my gift card was Tina Fey’s memoir, Bossy Pants. Although I’ve never really watched SNL and got into 30 Rock late in the game, it’s still one of my favorite shows and I liked the impression I’d gotten from Tina Fey’s public persona. 

The Good:

While I obviously enjoy Tina Fey’s humor, I also wondered how it would translate to written form, without her physical or verbal presentation. I was happy to find that her style carried over very well. The book also has a storytelling/spoken word kind of tone, so that helps. 

Of course, the book also includes some great stories like her ill-fated honeymoon cruise, an insider’s look at the creation of 30 Rock, and some funny shorter chapters on unattainable beauty standards, internet trolls, or being a parent. 

The Bad:

I’m not sure whether this is a goof thing or bad thing, but I found the book a  slight downer, due to the author’s honesty about her own shortcomings. Whether I was reading about her youthful mistreatment of gay friends, or how she beat out a coworker for a promotion at the YMCA when she didn’t plan on staying long. I guess it’s self-aware and shows a lack of ego on her part, but I guess I would have preferred it if she stuck to the positive.

The Interesting:

The part I found most interesting was her description of her time impersonating Sarah Palin on SNL. I was still firmly in the conservative camp at the time, so I vaguely remember hearing how she was being mean and making fun of Sarah Palin. Fey’s story is more nuanced, and tells of how she and the staff wrote and learned impressions. Most interesting for me was her description of the live show Palin appeared at and how Fey worked to prevent her from being heckled by the audience and spent time chatting with her about her children backstage. Clearly, two sides to every story.

Overall, it was a fun and interesting read that’s easy to pick up and finish a chapter quickly when you’re busy and need some solid pick-me-up humor.


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