Geek Gift Guide (Valentine’s Edition)


Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away, and I, for one, am excited. January and February are my least favorite months, personally, so I’m always happy to have a holiday to bring a little variety to the monotony of snow and freezing cold temperatures. A common Valentine’s complaint I hear, however, is how it’s such a generic holiday that encourages a cookie-cutter version of what love or romance looks like. I’m all for personalization and Thad and I are both kinda huge nerds, so I’ve been browsing geek-appropriate gifts that work for the holiday and thought I’d share some of my favorites here with you. I’ll group them by gender for simplicity’s sake, but obviously pick whatever your sweetheart/friend/or you would like best!


We’ll start with the ladies:

Zelda Piece of Heart Soap Bar – $4

Game of Thrones-themed nail polish – $5

Pastel Pusheen Earrings in Mint – $12.99 

Portal underwear – $12.99

Galifreyan Glass necklace – $14.90

Gamer Cat Scarf – $18

Galaxy Glow-in-the-Dark boyshorts – $23.99

Plush Kitten Bouquet – $49.99

Amulet of Mara (fellow Skyrim couples, you could do a great proposal including this) – $64.99


And for him!

Game controller chocolates – $5.99

Avengers coffee mug – $10.50

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight – $15.20

Planet Lollipops – $21, etsy seller Vintage Confections

Sun & Stars/Moon of my Life keychain set – $22

Starfield simulation light – $22

Molecular Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit – $29.99

Star Trek Boxer set – $29.99

Power Button Cufflinks – $30 from etsy seller KeyedUp


Finally, here’s a few cute cards for your Valentine




Hopefully these will inspire you to do something a little fun and different this Valentine’s (well, besides marathoning the new season of House of Cards, like we’ll be doing!)


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